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Photography Services

We offer a range of other services from photo retouching, photo restoration and a. number of different training sessions. Below are some examples of training sessions we offer.

Fennick 04.jpg

One to One location session -Understanding the basics of your camera

Have you got a new digital camera and want to understand how to use it but reading the manual just doesn't seem to help. Why not have a practical lesson with our friendly professional photographer.

We will find a suitable location and work together to get you to understand the basics of using your camera to suit your needs.

Saida 04.jpg

One to one in studio session - Learning how to use your camera and basic lighting

Many people are happy using their camera with natural light but are you someone who would love to take that step into studio photography? Would you like to learn how to use basic studio lighting with your camera and photographing a model then this is the session for you.

Michaela 05.jpg

One to One editing session - Can be held in the studio or in your own home

Do you love taking photos but would love to understand how to use photoshop and or lightroom to enhance your images further? With this session you will learn the basics of photoshop and or lightroom.

All of the above are individual session but can be tailored to suit your needs and turn into a set of sessions.


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